Inspiring and challenging you to pray for all things at all times, Kathie Grant teaches the power of prayer to change this world for Christ! You can listen to several years of daily archives.

Let’s Pray!, a formally nationally syndicated daily radio show broadcast inspired and challenged listeners to pray for Christ’s Kingdom. Using inspirational stories to highlight the power of prayer and Scripture to lay its foundation, host Kathie Grant exhorts us to pray God’s will and claim His promises in prayer for ourselves and for the world.

Brought to you by The Bread of Life Foundation, each show deals with different aspects of prayer from the most personal to the most panoramic. In just one minute, the show inspires you to reach out to God in prayer not only for your burdens, but just as importantly, for God’s burdens: the salvation of the lost and the sanctification of the Church.

Radio Archives


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5/20/2005 A Prayer for our Armed Forces
5/23/2005 Forgive from the Heart
5/24/2005 Results of a Mass Mailing
5/25/2005 The Battle is in Your Mind
5/26/2005 Remember the Gospel
5/27/2005 God Opens Doors
5/30/2005 Prayer For Our Fallen Warriors
5/31/2005 Meat, not Milk
6/1/2005 Free Prayer Books!
6/2/2005 Pray with Joy!
6/3/2005 Pour Out Your Heart to God
6/6/2005 Money or God?
6/7/2005 Praying By Name
6/8/2005 Prayer For More People
6/9/2005 Root Canals!
6/10/2005 Conditions For Answered Prayer
6/13/2005 Your Prayer Burdens
6/14/2005 Flag Day
6/15/2005 The Only Thing that Counts
6/16/2005 A New Creation!
6/17/2005 A Prayer for Fathers
6/20/2005 Do You Love God's Will?
6/21/2005 Will Jesus Find Faith?
6/22/2005 The Impossible Christian Life
6/23/2005 Pray More - Love More!
6/24/2005 Build Him Up!
6/27/2005 Count Your Blessings
6/28/2005 Wife Swap
6/29/2005 Living in the Light of Eternity
6/30/2005 Victims of Abuse
7/1/2005 Preachers of a Different Gospel
7/4/2005 God Bless Our Nation
7/5/2005 Prayers for the Prodigal
7/6/2005 Knowing Jesus
7/7/2005 What Do You Run After?
7/11/2005 More of the Holy Spirit
7/8/2005 Where is God at Work?
7/12/2005 Live on Every Word
7/13/2005 In Whom Should You Pray?
7/14/2005 Repentance: Command or Gift?
7/15/2005 The Armor of God
7/18/2005 Prayer Educated by the Word
7/19/2005 A Prayer for Russia
7/20/2005 Do You Love Jews?
7/21/2005 Christ Bids You Die
7/22/2005 Beyond What You Imagined!
7/25/2005 It's Hard Being a Man!
7/26/2005 Ghettos
7/27/2005 Mental Illness
7/28/2005 A Heart for the Poor
7/29/2005 Internationals in our Midst
8/19/2005 Faith in Jesus, Alone!
8/2/2005 The Devil's Schemes
8/3/2005 He Has an Inheritance in You!
8/4/2005 For What Were You Chosen?
8/5/2005 Suffering Disgrace for His Name
8/8/2005 Are You Afraid of the Devil?
8/9/2005 The Salvation of Your Loved Ones
8/10/2005 Spirit-Filled?
8/11/2005 Are You Certain of Heaven?
8/12/2005 Foundation, Purpose and Passion
8/15/2005 The Most Beautiful Woman
8/16/2005 Crucified With Christ
8/17/2005 A Patch of Blue
8/18/2005 Do You Have a Heart of Flesh?
8/22/2005 No Time to Pray
8/23/2005 Why Prayer is Important
8/24/2005 Unless the Father Draws
8/25/2005 On a Mission for Christ
8/26/2005 Answered Prayer for Good Government
8/29/2005 Is Sound Doctrine Enough?
8/30/2005 God Sets Up Authories
8/31/2005 One of the 25%?
9/1/2005 A Heart Transplant
9/2/2005 Longing For Their Salvation
9/5/2005 Work With All Your Heart!
9/6/2005 I Couldn't Do That!
9/7/2005 Did He Die For All Sin?
9/8/2005 What Are You Living For?
9/9/2005 The Heritage of Godliness
9/12/2005 People You Care About
9/13/2005 Do You Believe in Jesus?
9/14/2005 A Heartfelt Apology
9/15/2005 Wrong Purpose
9/16/2005 Obsessed With Weight
9/19/2005 Cheap Grace
9/20/2005 Young Parents
9/21/2005 The Marks of Revival
9/22/2005 The Greatest Love Story
9/23/2005 The Spirit Left Samson
9/26/2005 Is Anything Too Hard for God?
9/27/2005 Have You Hardened Your Heart?
9/28/2005 A Believer or a Professor?
9/30/2005 Facing the End
9/29/2005 Was He a Christian?
10/3/2005 Send Me Your Stories
10/4/2005 Lonely Missionaries
10/5/2005 Don't Stop Doing Good!
10/6/2005 A Noble Man
10/7/2005 Prayers From the Heart


“You may struggle with prayer as so many of us do. No more! You will be encouraged by Let’s Pray! because it has the touch, the power, and the unction of God’s hand."
William Fay, International Evangelist and Speaker 
Author of Share Jesus Without Fear, Ft. Meyers, Fl

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