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Kathie came to Christ at age thirty, having searched for Him all of her life. She had experienced the poverty and hopelessness of living without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Her twin sister, Christina Free, witnessed to her and prayed for her for six years without seemingly any breakthrough.

Kathie is the author of  the scripturally based book, PRAYING IN THE WORD OF GOD: Advancing Christ’s Kingdom which won the USA BOOK NEWS 2004 Award for best book in religion.

She also the hosted Let’s Pray!, a formerly nationally syndicated radio vignette. These archives had been broadcast on 324 stations each weekday in America and Canada—and in Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand on short-wave radio. Click here for archives.

Then in March of 1978, Kathie called her younger brother, Andrew Free, and poured out her heart to him expressing her profound emotional and spiritual despair. He listened to her with a love she had never experienced before. At the end of the hour and a half call, he said, "Kathie, I know that Jesus Christ died for you that you would not have to suffer this way!" She got off the phone, sank to the floor, and wept as she had never wept before. She cried out to God, "If you are the true God who loves me, please reveal Yourself to me!" She knew that God would have to enable her to know Him for she couldn't reach Him without His enablement.

Two months later, she received a large envelope from the postman for which she had to pay extra postage. When she opened it, she discovered a seventy-nine page, handwritten letter from Andy. It had taken him two months to write everything he could think of to convince her that Jesus Christ is the God who loves her, who died for her on the cross, who was raised again, who sits at the right hand of the Father and who lives forever to be her Lord and Savior! Kathie said to God, "How could anyone love me this much?" For the first time in her life, she heard from God when He spoke to her and said, "I have loved you with an everlasting love." (Jer. 31:3) Trembling with awe, she immediately gave her life to the Lord. She told Him, "I will follow You all the days of my life— don't you ever let me betray You!" Having lived with impotence all her life, she knew that only the grace of God would keep her from falling away.

The next morning, she awoke with the strong determination to call Andrew to have him pray with her to receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. When she called him, he had left town on vacation! She got off the phone and thought, "I know only two other Christians in the world—President Carter and Christina, my sister!" She didn't think she could get through to President Carter, so at 9:30 in the morning she called Christina who was in the hospital about to have foot surgery. Christina acted as cool as a cucumber even though the week before she had told her pastor in Arlington, VA, that "Kathie is too hard of a nut to crack!" They prayed together and Kathie gave her life to Christ forever, asking Him not only to save her from the penalty of sin but from sin itself. She asked Him to make her a new person and to enable her to live a life that pleased Him. For the next four hours, she was unable to move and experienced a spiritual warfare around her body. Then God, the Holy Spirit, rushed into her body and filled her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet!

Immediately, she jumped up, ran to her car, drove to a book store and bought her first Bible! She started reading the Bible that day and continued for the next four days until she had read through the entire New Testament. When she was finished, she was overcome with terror for she was certain she would never be able to live up to what God wanted of her. She was tempted to "edit" the Bible—to believe and obey this verse but not the other one that seemed too hard. Then the Lord brought to her mind His own words, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away." Her response to this verse was to make a commitment to seek with all her heart to believe and obey every word of the Holy Bible.

The next day, as she was burdened in prayer to the point of anguish for sinners all over the world who do not know Jesus, the Lord gave her a picture which became His "call" to her to become an intercessor. The world was laid out like a flat oval disk and was covered in darkness. She could see sinners drowning in their sins and hear them groaning in despair. She cried out to God, "What must they do?"

She saw herself as she had been before her own salvation, just like each of them. She saw herself turn to God—and the light of Jesus fell upon her like a beam of pure joy. All her sins slid off her body to the ground and she was clean! Then she saw Jesus standing on the edge of history, weeping. When she asked Him why He was crying, He said, "They don't know that I love them! Pray that they will know My love."

Then Kathie was inside the Lord praying for the lost and for revival for the Church. She saw the world like a globe and, in answer to her prayers, the blood of Jesus came down for the remission of sins. Next, she saw the Holy Spirit come down upon the whole earth, like gold, bringing the greatest revival the world has ever known.

But Kathie did not rest with this vision! She obeyed this personal "call" from God to drive her to the Scriptures. For seventeen years she searched the Scriptures to discover the will of God in prayer and to meet His conditions and claim His promises for answered prayer. She called the United Nations during the first week of her salvation to get a list of all the nations of the world and began to pray systematically, comprehensively, and Scripturally for the Church and for the salvation of the lost worldwide.

In 1995, in response to the needs of what she thought were new believers that she and her husband, Paul, had led to Christ in Atlanta, GA, she wrote the first draft of this book—in just two weeks! To her shock, all but one of these new "Christians" scattered when she asked them to use the book in prayer. Because of this response to a call to obedience, i.e., rebellion, Kathie spent many years searching the Scriptures to try to understand the true gospel. She came to the conclusion that the gospel does include "repentance unto God (from sin and self) and faith in Jesus Christ, alone." If Jesus is not Lord, he is not Savior! In 1996, she and Paul began to teach Christians how to pray the Word of God using this book as a means of grace. They have taught thousands of Christians in 31 denominations and 36 states in America the power of Scriptural prayer. There are currently about 80,000 copies of PRAYING IN THE WORD OF GOD: Advancing Christ's Kingdom (or its previous editions) in print—but how many are being used? How many of those people whom Paul and Kathie taught have gone on to faithfully use the book in prayer to bear fruit for God? The answer is, "Not many!" That is why Kathie has rewritten this book to include the necessity of the new birth as the prerequisite to all prayer. Prayer flows from a new heart from God by His grace through repentance and faith in Jesus alone. In 2004, she hosted a radio spot called "Let's Pray!" which was nationally syndicated on 350 stations in America and Canada. When her twin sister became brain damaged and completely disabled in 2007, she left the seminar and radio ministries to lay down her life to care for her. Now, after 7 years, the Lord has brought her back to ministry. This latest edition of the prayer book is the culmination of her life's call: to exhort, inspire, encourage, and equip His Saints to pray the Word of God for the glory of Christ.

Her husband, Dr. Paul Grant, a dermatologist who grew up in a Jewish home, was given a false gospel two months after Kathie's salvation that did not include "repentance unto God"—only faith in Jesus Christ. Not once did anyone tell him that he must receive Jesus Christ as His LORD and Savior! For the following 36 years, while his life was changed in many ways—he shared the gospel with his patients, hired the wives of Denver Seminary students to work in his practice, studied and led Evangelism Explosion, was a deacon in his church, led many Bible studies, started the Bread of Life Foundation from some of the proceeds of the royalties he received from his invention of Rogaine, graduated from Denver Seminary, and taught prayer seminars with Kathie—he was not "born again!"

It was in the summer of 2013 that he read A. W. Pink's book, Studies on Saving Faith, and came under extreme conviction that he may not be saved. For many months he wrestled with God and sometime in the late spring of 2014, he was enabled by the grace of God to come to the Father in repentance from sin and self by faith in Jesus Christ, alone. He received the Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ, the Living God, into his heart as LORD! Now, he looks back with horror and regret that he was so deceived but is convinced that his testimony is typical of many professing Christians in the visible church today. Paul has a powerful story to tell of before and after, of having been lukewarm but now "on fire for Christ" and of how the true gospel--repentance from sin and self and faith in Jesus Christ, alone—has brought him from death to life!

Bread of Life Foundation

The Bread of Life Foundation was started in 1988 from some of the proceeds from royalties we received from Paul's invention of the use of Minoxidol to grow hair which became "Rogaine."
Its' mission is to further the gospel of salvation, to promote prayer in the Body of Christ, to feed the poor, and to do good to all men.

Currently, The Bread of Life Foundation's main focus of support is to
Wakisa Ministries in Kampala, Uganda.

Wakisa Ministries

Wakisa Ministries in Kampala, Uganda
        download latest newsletter   Click to read their latest newsletter (September 2016).

Vivian Kityo, who spent many years as director of Youth for Christ in Uganda, is now the director of Wakisa. The passion of her life is to take in young pregnant girls who have been abandoned by their families and to counsel them against abortion, to tell them the gospel, to take care of them before and after the birth of their babies, and to teach them a trade so that they can be self-supporting in the future.

Her ministry extends far beyond this in an outreach that extends across all of Uganda as she speaks for abstinence and seeks to educate her people against sexual immorality. Dozens of people have come to Christ through her ministry.

The Bread of Life Foundation is close to being the sole support of Wakisa Ministries. This wonderful ministry, whose mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to show Christ's mercy to these young women, is going through a difficult time right now because of the terrible rise in food prices. Your donation to Wakisa will help to keep it reaching women for Christ.

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